1. Collections:

    We specialize in all types of business to business debt recovery.
    We use different approaches appropriate for each individual collection case.

    • Audits – If good customers of many years fall behind in payments,you may not want to send them into collection right away. We can help them find a way to pay their past due amount on your terms, not theirs,so they can remain good customers.
    • The medium approach – The medium approach is used in most cases. This approach is used by our experienced collectors and has a quick turnaround on your receivables.
    • The hard approach – This is used when your debtor refuses to pay, disputes the bill, skips out on the bill, or refuses to take your calls. We take stronger action,such as doing an asset and liability search,finding the principals of the company and their assets, etc. Private investigators may be used on collections if necessary.

    We work on a contingency basis – If we don’t collect by direct payment or return of merchandise, you pay us nothing for our services.

  2. Skip Tracing:

    If you’re having trouble locating a debtor, we can assist you with locating them. As a licensed collection agency, we have access to several databases of current information to locate your debtor, whereas most company organizations have difficulty obtaining the information they need.

  3. Free Demand Letters:

    We offer a free ten day demand letter, which informs the debtor that they have ten days to pay in full before the debt is formally turned over to us. If the debtor pays before the ten day period, you pay nothing in collection fees.

  4. Accounts Receivable Management:

    We can help you with your accounts receivable

    We can manage your accounts receivables more reasonably than most companies can do themselves in-house.We do:

    • all billing from 0 to 90,
    • all customer contact calls,
    • all your billing,
    • all your problem calls,
    • all your calls regarding disputed invoices.

    Contact CCI for more information.

  5. Factoring:

    We buy some past due accounts.

    We will pay you for your past due account up front, so that you can get paid now, and can let CCI worry about collecting on the account. We also buy full receivables.
    Contact CCI for more information.