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Online Claim Placement

Send us your debtor now!

You can submit a claim with us online and we will collect the money that is owed to you. Please fill out the entire form below adding any additional useful information in the space provided. We work on a contingency basis. If we don’t collect by payment or return of merchandise, you don’t pay us anything for our services.

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Free Ten Day Demand Letter

We offer a free ten day demand letter, which informs the debtor that they have ten days to pay in full before the debt is formally turned over to CCI (Commercial Collections, Inc.). If the debtor pays before the ten day period, you owe nothing in collection fees.

In order to qualify for a Free Ten Day Demand Letter the account must be 60 days young from the time of placement.

Simply fill out the online form and a ten day demand letter will be sent from our office.

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Commercial Collections Inc

CCI Collection Office: 1-800-346-7507
CCI Corporate Office: 1-800-652-3304

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