Commercial Collections, Incorporated (CCI) is a collection agency operating both in the US and internationally, specializing in quick results.

It’s easy for a debtor to hang up the phone or throw away a letter. We have the ability to go to your debtor’s business, with over 12,000 private investigators and 5,000 licensed collection attorneys at our disposal in every state of the US.

Call us at 1-800-346-7507, or email us at: cci@ccicollection.com to handle your commercial debt collection needs today.

The staff at CCI (Commercial Collections, Inc.) can be reached from 6AM to 6PM Monday to Friday PST. While we may be diligent in our collection efforts, the staff also focuses itself on being responsive to inquiries, suggestions, and requests whenever they arise. Feel free to contact us for any reason regarding your past, present, or future collection needs.